collect sports autographs

If you are a big fan of sports, you probably know almost everything you need to know about your favorite team or athlete. You probably go to most matches; you will know how your team is ranked on the leaderboards, and the full history of any prize or title you win. So why not transfer your interest and passion to another level and start collecting sports autographs? You might just want to collect as a hobby, but the collection can be valuable in a few years. If you want to start collecting sports autographs, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

This quick guide will help you become a sports autograph collector.

First of all, it is worth knowing that there are two main ways to get sports autographs: in publication and in person. If you decide that you want to start your autograph collection using a publication, you must first make a list of 6-10 autographs that you want to get, and that would be a good start to your collection. You should highlight your request among the rest, since celebrity sports figures receive many letters from fans every year and cannot answer all of them. You must make sure that your request is truly considered and that you have a legitimate interest in the person whose autograph you are requesting. You should include things like what you like best about this person, how long you have been following your career, and other oddities that you know about them. Adding a personal contact will increase your chances of getting an answer.

You must find out the current addresses of each of your recipients before writing your letters. Many professional athletes will receive mail from their fans through the central office of the team they play for and can find these addresses on the team’s official websites on the Internet.

Next, you must write your letter for each person on your list. It should be polite, respectful and ideally should not contain more than three short paragraphs. You should also check for spelling or grammar errors and make sure it is neat. You must explain why you are writing; explain a little about yourself and your interest in them. Be careful not to delve into yourself, because a celebrity can lose interest. Include your contact information at the end, and it would be nice to attach an envelope with your address and stamp to facilitate the process for a celebrity.


If you prefer to get autographs in person, keep in mind that this may require a bit more effort and time. You will have to attend as many sporting events as possible, but as a big fan, this should not be like hard work. The sooner you arrive at the game and the longer you can stay, the greater your chances of getting an autograph.