As beginners if you have no idea about the kind of seeds and the quantity you must buy then opt for the variety that is easy to grow. You can also try out the economic pack that has three to twenty five seeds in a pack. Some sites have the option of live chats and forums where you can discuss your doubts and concerns with fellow members and customer support team. They will advice you all about the growing conditions; germination, cultivation, flowering, harvesting the leaves, etc.  By choosing such sites you can have all your queries answered.

In some countries though possessing the seeds are legal while growing them is banned; if your city falls in such regions then you can simply buy the seeds and collect them as collector’s item and store them well. Did you know that cannabis seeds 2,700 years were found in a grave in China? This proves that the seeds can be stored for a long time and you can make them a collector’s item and gain a fair deal when it is old enough.

Cannabis – the plant generic name of Marijuana

Cannabis or marijuana can be brewed, used in a pipe or even rolled out into a joint. It is not available for legal consumption globally. There are very countries and states like California that has made it legal to buy or sell marijuana.

Do you plan to open a marijuana selling dispensary in California? Well, it is a great business opportunity and by following a few tips as slated on our blog, you will be able to do really well in selling California marijuana.

Cannabis – A Drug or a Plant

The drug, Cannabis, is produced from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant, which is a wild plant with its origin spread worldwide. The plant is related to hops and nettles.

Marijuana seeds

The plant Cannabis contains over 400 chemicals, including a penicillin-like antibiotic called cannabidiolic acid. The chemical derivatives of the Cannabis plant find their use for recreational or therapeutic (medicinal) purposes.

As a recreational drug, cannabis manifests in many forms like a dried plant, a resin, in powdered form and as oil.

California legalized selling marijuana in November 2016. So, if you are thinking of the best business opportunities, then look no further to find the best tips to start your own marijuana selling dispensary.