Every country should have proper educational system and provide access to each and everyone in the society in order to become a better sophisticated country.Apart from government’s role in funding for these systems responsible citizens much step out to give their helping hands to build a better future. Bashir Dawood is one among them who have taken initiative for the welfare of educational institutions. Pakistani people are forever grateful for the funding given by Bashir Dawood to the schools and academic institutions.

This gives Pakistani young generation a hope to achieve their goals and improving knowledge to survive in modern society.

His services in promoting medical education:

Health care services always plays a crucial role in country’s development. There are many such people who helped their nation to develop in all aspects. Bashir Dawood had offered a huge amount of fundings which helps in developing advanced techniques and sophisticated teaching faculties for the students. As he himself a doctor, Bashir Dawood always shows interest towards healthcare services and their welfare. He step forward and provides financial support to those who wants to pursue their career in medical field. Later the country has been financially supported by the global donations from well established educational institutions overseas.

They started medical institutions to improve their health care infrastructure and facilities to provide services for the common people in their country at lower costs and affordable to everyone.

Even complicated surgeries requiring high technical skills and equipment made available in their institutions and able to educate the students. New updated and precise tools and instruments were made available in their institutions to perform all types of surgeries.

The Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) was the school founded in the name of Bashir’s father it received immense amounts of donations to provide practical knowledge and advanced technologies in approaching business education. Students can get their Bachelor degrees, masters and PhD courses, short term programmes in this school. They provide access to everyone who are in need of financial help and can not afford education.He not only develops SDSB but also supports various educational institutions in Pakistan.

Taking initiative for the welfare of health care and educational institutions paving the way for the future generations through his thoughts and services by Bashir Dawood sets an example for the Pakistani youth and upcoming generations to follow his path.