protection order singapore harassment
  • Privileged are those are safe and unaware from the horrors of harassment.

Personal protection order(PPO) what is it? And why is it so important for some people. As they say it right only the people who go through know through. Violence is any form so extreme has to call in extreme actions which reflect stringent actions that should be taken against the abuser inflicting abuse at all times.

  • To enforce this action, the Singaporean government has come forward with prospect of protection order Singapore harassment whose services are provided to people in desperate need.
  • As a society the well being of every individual is given importance and seeing some getting people harassed by the violent and irrational actions of some people or person in particular who might or might not be a family member or some stranger for the matter of fact with some deranged activity. Because no sane person in their right mind would think of inflicting these horrors on another. This invariably subjects the victim to high levels and stress and anxiety disrupting their peace and daily lives on the whole.
  • Hence enrolling with a (PPO) can give one the necessary confidence and relief. being protected from the harassment and hearing out to the victim’s pleas is what the order stands for.

protection order singapore harassment

Inclusions in the order

  • Providing a qualified lawyer to present the victim’s pleas in the court and with enough evidence allotting the protective measures to the victim by applying refraining orders on the abuser is one the primary steps being taken to relieve the victim’s distress. Not only this the lawyers practice the Syariah law and have years of experience into the field while helping out the women of the Muslim community.
  • Answering the few basic questions that run in the victim’s mind before applying for the plea include that of the laws applying to person living in the same house that is sharing the same address, that can include a family member. Other concerns regarding the longevity of the order. And answering to the service by the abuser through answering to the summons of the court is considered necessary. And many other doubts that fall long the same lines has been addressed on the official website.
  • The services can be contacted at any time through landline or sending an online message, and the first two consultations can be deemed free all in the goodwill of the victim’s wellbeing.

Conclusion – helping the distressed is our primary duty as a society