How to Upgrade Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It distribute power from your utility company to your outlets, switches, and lights. An electrical panel upgrade can provide your home with more power, safety, and reliability.

Most homes have 100-amp electrical panels. But if you have a large home, an electric oven, air conditioner, or other high-powered appliances, you may need a 200-amp panel.

Here’s what you need to know about upgrading your electrical panel.

  1. Assess Your Power Needs

Before you upgrade your electrical panel, you need to assess your power needs. Start by looking at the appliances and devices you have in your home. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a 200-amp panel. Most homes only need a 100-amp panel, but if you have high-powered appliances, you’ll need a panel that can handle the increased demand.

  1. Check Your Electrical Panel

Once you know how much power you need, you can check your electrical panel to see if it’s up to the task. Start by looking at the main breaker. The main breaker is the large switch at the top of the panel. It controls the flow of electricity into your home. If the main breaker is 60 amps or less, you’ll need to upgrade your panel.

  1. Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If you need to upgrade your electrical repairs in Concord, CA, you’ll need to hire a licensed electrician to do the work. Upgrading an electrical panel is a complex job. The electrician will need to disconnect the power to your home, install the new panel, and then reconnect the power. The electrician will also need to upgrade the wiring in your home. The cost of upgrading an electrical panel varies, but it’s typically between $850 and $2,000.

  1. Save Money on Your Electric Bill

An electrical panel upgrade can also help you save money on your electric bill. A higher-amp panel will allow you to run more appliances and devices at the same time without overloading the system. This can help you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home

An electrical panel upgrade can also increase the value of your home. If you ever sell your home, the new electrical panel will be a selling point. Most buyers are looking for a home with a modern electrical system. An upgrade will make your home more attractive to buyers.