vinyl tile flooring in Yuma, AZ

With winter being quite brutal and cold in Flint, MI, the need for carpet flooring becomes a must to prevent the heat within the house from escaping from the freezing wooden floors. In addition, it can prevent one’s feet from getting cold due to the unbearable cold of the floors piercing through even the thickest of socks.  However, this brings in the question of what is the best colour for carpet flooring in Flint, MI.

The colour of carpet flooring is quite important since the maintenance of light-coloured carpets becomes quite a hassle later on since they look dirty quite easily while also staining the fastest in comparison to other colours. While some colours fade easily in comparison – making one wonder what is the most appropriate colour for carpet flooring.

Are light-coloured carpets better for flooring?

While light-coloured carpets may look beautiful and may make the room brighter, they are quite hard to manage as well as clean since light-coloured carpets like white, light yellow or even peach-coloured carpets are infamous for staining quite easily and looking dirty very easily.

It is due to the light colour because of which they look dirty; they catch dirt and soil quite easily that contrasts a lot with their natural light colour. Thus, maintaining them is quite the work. These types of carpets need daily cleaning and annual clean-up that may make them look as good as new.

What is the best colour for carpets?

The colour of a carpet for the flooring should primarily depend on the colour of the walls of the majority of the house – any colour similar to that of the floor or even contrasting to it may be the ideal choice for the colour of one’s carpet flooring.

However, if one wants to buy carpet flooring that needs the least maintenance, then it is better to buy carpet with mare darker or baser colours, like black, brown, maroon, dark blue and similar colour palate. It does need to be so dark either – moderately darker tones would do the trick as well.


In the end, the colour of the carpet for the flooring of one’s house depends on them and their preferences – whether they choose based on the colour palate of their house or their needs. The only thing that can be suggested here is to research the property of each colour and the material of the carpet one is buying to ensure that the colour does not fade easily.