Being aware:

          The awareness about the crypto currency is now growing than it was before. Since it is a new invention many people are still not aware of the concept of crypto currency and especially that of the bitcoin. The bitcoin is the oldest crypto currency that was designed and developed in the early in the year 2011 and since then it has reached all over the world but the number of people using it regularly is quite a small number. This is a closed network of peer group members that transact in the bitcoin as it is not in regular circulation like the fiat currencies of different countries. The awareness among the people is now rowing and they are analyzing the pros and cons of using the bitcoin in place of the regular currency. This is in private use within the group of a few people called as the block chain which controls the transactions going on between the peer group members using the bitcoin. The value of the bitcoin can be checked at the bitcoin price on the webpage which gives the information on the latest trend and the value of the bitcoin at the current stage.

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User friendly:

  • The bitcon is a very user friendly crypto currency and it is most used when compared with the other crypto currencies that are available in the market and the reason is that it is easy to use and there are several benefits of using the bitcoin.
  • These advantages are taken by the peer group members when using the bitcoin or making transaction with it.
  • It is safe and secure and all the user data is secured so that leakage of any sort does not happen. Since only a few people are using when compared with the global population, it is quite private and does not come in the public eye like the regular currency.
  • This is affected by the socio economic and technological changes and developments that take place in the world or in any country.
  • Transactions are carried out quickly as it deals with few people and there are no interruptions by any other third party like the governments and others.
  • You need not pay the sales tax on the transactions and the bitcoin price has a say in the use of the crypto currency.