Corporate Secretarial Services

The main responsibility of the company secretary is to ensure that company holds all the basic and regulatory requirements for running a company in Australia. If there is any loss in these requirements, then it leads the company to receive fines from the ASIC. A company secretary Australia has an essential and important role in monitoring and governing the companies operating in Australia which ensures that the company holds all thee regulatory requirements.If you are running a large corporate enterprise or local business as a company, then it is likely means that you have a company secretary.  In which the company secretary also perform the important tasks like ensuring that the company is registered on the basis of the Australian corporate law. The responsibility of the company secretary may also involve in reporting to the ASIC of changes that involves in.

  • Members register
  • Issuing of any shares
  • Share structure (of proprietary companies)
  • Company office address and other information’s

The roles of the company secretary are subjected to several legal obligations and they also take care of all the necessary things about setting up the company as per the government law. The company secretary is a person who works under the Australian corporate law and as a result of this the company secretary has many of the same duties as like the directors.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Benefits of using payroll outsourcing services for your company

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